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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Well-Kept Secret - This Coach wants YOU to Know About!

As a business coach, I often work with clients around the topic of getting seen and celebrated in the marketplace. As we work with developing marketing strategies or communication plans, one of the tools that I often refer people to use is DIY Publicity Maven, Nancy S. Juetten.

One of the single best investments that you can make in your business right now, is to engage with Nancy at one of her Publici-Tea Events. You will walk away with tips and strategies that you can implement immediately into your marketing strategy and start producing results.

"Folks continue to rave about the value and the impact these events have on their growing businesses, and I can't wait to share the information with even more publicity-seeking business owners who are finally ready to get known for their winning ways through the power of free publicity!" Nancy Juetten, founder of DIY Publici-Tea and author of the Media-Savvy-to-Go toolkit.

My friend Nancy's next event is scheduled for Friday, October 16, 9:30am and she is hosting it at the lovely Seattle Design Center!

To learn more about Nancy's products and event, or to sign up, please follow this link. Take a tip from the Business Coach and take the time and make the investment to get Seen, Heard and Celebrated in your marketplace!

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