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Monday, September 14, 2009

Power to the Peaceful

Two words that don't seem to blend well together are Power and Peaceful. In business and leadership we don't often see those two in harmony or stride. In fact, one tends to dominate the other, any guesses which one?

But in the world of ease and self care, we do hear a lot about the power of peace. There are festivals that celebrate living in the power of peaceful. There are books and retreats and a host of other indulgences to support finding balance. So what happened in business to create such an adversarial element between the two essential life qualities?

Why do we have to choose one over the other in leadership? What has created this adversarial positioning in politics and business? How can we make achieving power and peaceful a 'both and' versus a 'one over the other?'

In my tips booklet 52 Exquisite Self-Care Tips for the Professional Woman, tip number 21 is one of my favorite and I think it blends power and peaceful nicely. Tip # 21: Give Yourself a Time Out! With a cup of tea in hand, find your favorite place to cop a squat and be intentional about breathing in and letting go. Do this just 5 minutes a day.

When we take time each day to breathe in what is good and exhale the strain of what is pressing us down, we find balance within to walk in full strength. Ultimately submitting up under power and giving in to our inner peace. This is true in our business world too. Taking in the fullness of peace and letting go of need for control, or anxiety, balances us out. Ultimately giving power to the peaceful in our world.

Coaching Question: How might you be curious with Power and Peace in your world?

1 comment:

Jesse Heaslip said...

Great read Tammy,

Sounds like you have identified the core of coaching. A key element is the ability to balance all parts of your life.

Have you read up on the Wheel of Life to see how you can get the most from your business and your life?

Thanks for sharing your great perspective.