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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going with the Flow or Walking the other Way?

Changing our mindset and standard operating procedures is not an easy task. However as leaders, it is your responsibility to not just be up for the challenge, but to model the way. Your organizations have thought enough of your skills and qualities to provide you with some extraordinary tools, share them. Now you may be wondering how to more effectively use them. Not uncommon at all.

Some of the things you might have noticed is how negative the world is. You've noticed it in the newspaper. You've noticed it on television and you have noticed it in the office. If you are like me, you may be amazed at how negative people really are! People often talk a lot about what's wrong with the world, not what's right in the world. While we know it's always been there, the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is what is picking up on it now. Remember that when your awareness has been activated to what is going on around you, you have one of two choices to make. A) go with the flow or B) walk the other way.

Unfortunately, what we often do is join in the negativity instead of standing against it. Remember, the more we affirm the behavior we don't want (in self and others,) the more we or they become like it. So the more we continue to go along with the negativity, the more we become...negative. And worse of all, it keeps us in a box versus allowing us to stretch and grow.

Imagine for a moment if we put up a moratorium on All negative self talk and negative hitch hiking. All means All folks. What might that be like? Share your comment here, we would love to hear your tips and struggles with "abolishing the negativity."

Coaching Q's

Where have you noticed negativity in your workplace?

What limiting beliefs might you have around canceling out negativity?

How has your negative self talk gotten in your way to leading effectively?

What action will you take today, to change the way negativity shows up around you?

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