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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Business Networking and Dolphin Leather - how do they relate?

Interesting start right? Dolphin Leather and Business Networking, how do they relate. Well Seth Godin has done it again with a thought provoking blog post that I just had to insert some comments in the middle of.

His compelling description of an old story from the bible, Noah and the Ark, had a piece that somewhere along the line I never caught. Part of the instructions for building the ark was to use Tanned Dolphin Leather. Yes, you heard it right. And what I loved that Seth did (and does) so well, he tied this journey, the quandary and the inquiry around the notion of dolphin leather - to business. Go Seth Godin!

The concept is really simple. Sometimes we get stuck on the how to get something done, the object or the obstacles themselves and lock out the truth in the middle of the experience. The Mission! Seth refers to it as a community-based quest right in the middle of the mission. I love that! It's in the mission itself that is the quest.

You see, when we can get away from the exact way of doing something, (because we've always done it that way) and look at the objective through different lenses, we can create something really cool. Teams can often lose sight of, if they in fact possess it, the mission because they get caught up in the implementation. Families disengage from one another because they lose sight of the common vision and mission for the collective whole. What's important to remember about the Dolphin Leather is that community working toward a collection of goals, with a clear mission is more powerful than working toward one goal and achieving it alone. The lessons we learn from others form a bond and community that is priceless.

Coaching Q:

What is my experience with going after the goal or task?

What do I notice about my business mission and action plan that may have me excluding community?

How will I engage in the collective whole toward establishing and/or honoring the mission?

What significance (if any,) do I see for me with Dolphin Leather and Business Networking?

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