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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Business Networking for Cool People - 4 simple steps

Ok, maybe the title really wants to be Networking for Dummies. Why? Because if I can do it successfully, anybody can do it successfully!

Let's try a little experiment, when you envision what Networking looks like for you, what do you feel in your gut about that? Anyone? Well, I used to get a stomach ache when people would talk to me about networking for my business growth. Not because I didn't like to talk to people, oh tout à fait contraire my friend, I really enjoy people and talking with people. And I didn't like feeling that I was just going to people for leads. That was my uncomfortableness with networking. Well, I came up with a plan for networking that feeds my soul and business at the same time. How?

By contributing to others first.

It is really simple, networking with other really cool people that I like, Nancy Juetten comes to mind as she is the coolest DIY Publicity chic I know! She is a wealth of information for the average joe or sally to become their own publicity guru. And, she shares the wealth of generosity by talking about you in her very well read blog. By connecting with Nancy I have learned how to get the word out through multiple venues about the work that I do or the places that I am speaking. She is a true champion for others success and you can read more about how she does that by going to her blog, she has posted an event that we are both speaking at together in March there for all to see. If I wasn't out networking, I wouldn't have met Nancy Juetten and that would have been a real bummer.

When I was looking at creative ways to network by first contributing, I of course went to Biznik.com to take a look at their upcoming events and to see where I could plug in. Well, what I discovered there was a rich and flourishing network of other people who really want to give into the success of others. There are many people I met through Biznik that have really contributed to my networking success. And, I encourage all of you to get to know the Team at Cat's Eye Marketing, Bob and Judy Dunn. They are a wonderful husband and wife team that are gifted in marketing with ease and comfort. They have worked with me on projects with copy writing (Judy is a Master) and a model for successful blogging (Bob's niche) but mostly they have been a resource of just good people.

I have met great people and built excellent contacts as a result to focusing on successful and creative networking. There are powerful people you can meet in networking with cool people, with just few steps required.

Step 1: Shift your Perspective - networking isn't about how many cards you can collect, it is about the quality relationships you can build. Put yourself in places to meet people that are interested in your success as much as their own. Biznik is a great place to start, events are free and you will meet some really cool people, join today it doesn't cost anything.

Step 2: Change Your Approach - networking is about paying it forward. It's not longer about giving leads at every turn or be penalized. Statistics show that the best leads come from the 2nd and 3rd tier of relationship. It's not me, it's who I know and who they know that counts. So that means - approach it as you would building a friendship. Give and then receive

Step 3: Be Consistent - networking is best done on a continuum not in batches and spurts. Set a schedule of events and groups to participate in, make your self seen consistently and people begin to know you are there for the long run, not the short term. That builds trust and people want to refer others they trust.

Step 4: Let Your Light Shine - networking is often nerve racking for some people, if you show up nervous then that shows on your face and may put people off. When we come forward with generosity on our hearts and allow our truest personality shine through, we build those valuable relationships quickly. So relax and be part of the group, step away from the wall.

So there you have it. 4 simple steps to expanding your community and networking with really cool people. For more on networking, join me as I host a table at the NW Women's Show Total Networking Party. You will learn to network from leading experts in Sales, Marketing and Networking Techniques. You will be in the company of women eager to learn, mingle, and connect.

What will you do today for tomorrow's success?


Dan said...

Networking really IS changing. It used to be a "what have you done for me lately" game, but thanks to the instant connectedness that we all enjoy because of pervasive social networks, we're evolving. In a really good way! You've outlined the changes beautifully.

Nancy Juetten said...

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for being the rare air that I breathe. I really appreciate your comments on my behalf here and elsewhere. You are a rock star networker, and you make fabulous contributions to others' success every day. Love that. Rock on!