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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waging Battle

Recently I was struck by a couple of interesting thoughts. So, as the questioning Coach that I am...I began exploring with a series of questions. I have shared them with you below. These are powerful questions, ones that will take time to explore the truth and meaning for you, your life, your business or whatever great endeavor you are up to.

These came to me as I was affirming thoughts and goals around Breakthrough and how I was looking for a touch of that in my life. You know how sometimes we get to going down our path and we can miss out on the breakthrough or win? Most-likely it's caused because we don't stop to reflect or celebrate when we do notice and tally in the WIN column. Well, I was in one of those spaces and realized that I was so busy moving, as in networking, crafting, building, meeting that I wasn't taking care to look at my successes. It got to feeling like I was just spinning and not well...winning. I was stuck in a box (container) and could feel the pressure building to battle the containment.

As I began to go wage warfare against what I perceived to be holding me back from my wins, the pressure began to build. But build in a good way. It caused me to wage battle from a place of violent action. Think about it, violent action. Not against anyone (oh my no!) but against the box I put myself in as I was building, crafting, networking etc. What I needed was a time-out in order for me to breakout! For me at that moment, in the midst of pushing and pushing, staying up late and getting up early to do more, build more and meet more - it was time to stop and that felt as the most violent action I could take. It was so against what I had been doing, it was not a welcome stop. But, it took me being bold to say 'time-out' in order for me to break the proverbial box I was in.

In that space of stopping was where my total breakthrough happened.

As coach I help my clients find their breakthrough, get out of their box and get into action. As coach, I am not perfect nor do I have 'it' all figured out. And, I know that in taking a deeper look at myself, gives me more clarity with my clients and makes me a stronger coach. Often times we don't expect to have the same struggles our clients do, we think we 'should' be beyond it, right? Well, no not so much. We are human beings who make choices every single day that impact our tomorrow. Taking time to just reflect is the key for me. When I do that action step, to be in gratitude for what I am creating, causes me to stay fresh and clear and on purpose. Just like many of you, when I get to forging my path without respit, I lose site and feel boxed in and lacking breakthrough. Ha, guess I am human too!

Coaching Exercise:

1. When was the last time you stopped to acknowledge your wins? How do you track them?

2. What might it look like to begin waging a battle against containment?

3. What is keeping you from your Total Breakthrough?

4. If you were to take Violent Action against your situation, to get out of the proverbial box, what would that look like for you?

5. What support do you want/need around you to take action and care of your current situation?

6. Will you journal your inspirations of gratitude at the end of each day for a week so that, you may reflect after 7 days on the powerful difference you make?

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KareAnderson said...

Your generous spirit shines through in your writing!

For your work in ministry (and other facets of your work) you may want to learn about Susan Page, a friend here in the Bay Area.

She was a minister and is an author/speaker who leads groups based on the themes in her books.

I interviewed her and wrote about her Me2We=style "business model" here