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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everyone is talking! What will you do?

Everyone is talking about it: The Credit Crunch. Recession. Falling stock prices. The doomed housing market.

If your business' budget is shrinking, you probably cannot afford to focus on talent, right? Wrong.

This is your organization's opportunity to think strategically ... and invest in the leaders of the future.

Business coaching has become a powerful tool in developing leadership in today’s increasingly competitive market. The research to date, strongly suggests that coaching develops executive leadership and is key in retaining an organizations major talent. The Executive coach brings a tool box of qualities which encourages and includes a genuine wish to support the executives professional advancement. The Executive in turn will learn and acquire the resources necessary to exercise his or her leadership abilities.

Essentially, coaching is about growing an individuals self leadership qualities and developing the potential to be one’s best. The practice of coaching continues to prove a fact: focused attention produces desired results.

Coaching Exercise:
  1. What do you believe to be true about your organization in today's economy?
  2. What can you identify as the three main obstacles that when moved, your road to success will open up?
  3. How will you maneuver around them, with few casualties, while empowering your team to keep moving?
  4. ask yourself- what strategy will produce the results I desire for myself, my team, my leaders?
  5. What is my plan for building up the talent within my company?

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