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Friday, October 24, 2008

Get Outside Your Four Walls!

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Hello friends,

Give a listen to my new post on Utterli called ' Get Outside Your Four Walls!"

Here's your Coaching Exercise from this audio post.
  1. What obstacles are keeping me from getting out into the community?

  2. What do I notice about myself, am I working on my business or in my business?

  3. What is important to me about building relationships outside of my office? What (if anything) do I fear about that?

  4. Who is in my network and how will I connect with them? What do I need from others as I reach out?

  5. What am I committed to changing about the way that I am working within my business and my community?

Make it great day my friends, and remember, we don’t always get a do-over in life so Go Big!

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