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Thursday, August 7, 2008

How do you show up?

Over the past week I have had several conversations around 'presence.' Whether it is executive presence, coaching presence, fear or bold presence, the question has been - is presence something that you show up with, can learn or have gifted to you? Well my experience tells me that, presence is something that we are all born with, life molds for us and choices further define.

I recently was invited to post my thought on executive presence to a blog on this very topic at New Paradigms LLC: Executive Presence- Fact or Fantasy?. I was honored by the request to share my insights that I have gained over the years working with executives and curious about the variety of answers. What I notice to be true about so many people, no matter their profession or title, presence is something that we show up with, it is something that while we may learn to enhance over time, we are born with a certain way of being. When we show up our presence impacts the field either positive or negative, neutral or assertive. It comes from within, it is not something that is staged.

Today while on a conference call with a group of fellow coaches, the topic of coach presence in a group or team environment came up as an opening inquiry. It was interesting to hear seasoned coaches discussing the idea of whether presence is be something that we just show up with as coach. The conversation went around how coach presence impacts the field within a group coaching session, it isn't forced, predetermine (the how part) we just naturally are it. With in that space there is possibility for us to have an impact, without working hard to do it. The same is true for you and me in any environment.

Think about this scenario, you show up in the grocery store line to pay for your dinner one night. You have two checkers to pick from, both lines are open. Checker #1 does not make eye contact, sends a short hello your way and gives off the impression that they would rather be anywhere else but with you at that moment. What is their presence? How is it impacting the field you are co-creating in line? How is it making you feel. Remember, they have only said hello. Checker #2 looks at you and also says Hello. They smile and display a quiet warmth about them, they acknowledge you with eye contact and invite you into their line inquiring how your day has gone. Now, did they show up in the field with a presence that had impact? Was it negative or positive? Would you rather go to checker #1 or #2? Each has a presence, each only started with hello.

The point that I am making, which you will also see when you check out that blog mentioned at New Paradigm, LLC., is that we do have a choice in how we use our presence - we will use it, there is no choice on that part. It is simply the question of, are we using it to leave the impression and affect the energy in the field in the way we want to or not? The choice my friend...is up to you.

So tell me, what do you think about personal presence? If the mirror were reflecting back at you, how do you see your self showing up?

Tammy Redmon
Executive Coach and Business Growth Strategist

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