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Sunday, June 8, 2008


The time has finally come that I have stepped into the Blogsphere! An exciting new addition to the family. Moreover, it is an exciting new element, a tool if you will, to spreading a positive message that imparts hope to the hearer, courage to the faint at heart and power to those needing a booster shot.

I believe that we are all given a beautiful gift - it's called life. However, I see everyday that we take extreme care to discredit that gift, to allow others to dictate our future as we try to define our purpose. Why, when we were created for so much more?

We each possess a very powerful gift within us for greatness. This new blog I hope lifts you up when you need a helping hand, encourages you when your'e feeling less than, and opens up your eyes to looking at things in new and different ways. Expect it to challenge the way you see your present situation. When we shift our image, what we get can often be the greatest gift of all - a new perspective!!
Enjoy, be encouraged and be more than what you imagined possible - go for greatness!
Make it a great day!

Tammy Redmon
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