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Friday, June 20, 2008

See what I have going on!

This has been an interesting week. Actually, an interesting couple of weeks. I have been busy around the Sound with events and meetings, gathering ideas for my business and to share with others. But perhaps the most interesting piece is the new things that I have created. Like, a couple of new workshops, Building a Workshop 101 was launched with great reviews and I am putting the finishing touches on a new twist to creating vision boards (name is still in the works.) Most exciting, I have posted a few articles for print and should know how those go real soon! Dream come true, I am author!

The past few weeks I have been very busy building blogs, online networking profiles and my website. I invite you to check out the links on my blog to see what I have been talking about, writing about and building in the online community. I of course welcome feedback and comments, that is how we grow as human beings. Coming by first of week is another edition of DWELL In Possibility - doing well everyday living life, my E-newsletter for life, business and the pursuit of balance. Please go to my website and join in to receive your copy! I will be covering some fun topics:

SchoolHouse Rock - revisited
Doing Well Everyday Living Life
Highlight on Executive Coaching

Plus! Client Profile with special offer

Try something new this week that supports your business growth plan. It is a lot of fun, keeps the creativity juices flowing and may just introduce you to your next client.

An inquiry for today: What am I doing today that supports my business for tomorrow? (It's the sustainability quotient - consider it and write down your aha.)

Make it a great day!
Tammy Redmon
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