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Friday, November 21, 2008

#2 Success Principle (2 of 10)


Tammy Redmon here your Coach for Transformation with the second success principle from my new favorite book by the former president of Starbucks Coffee, Howard Behar – It’s Not About the Coffee.

#2 - Know Why You’re Here: Do it because it’s right, not because it’s right for your resume:

The path to success comes from doing things for the right reasons. You can’t succeed if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish and without everyone being aligned with the goal. Look for purpose and passion in yourself and the people you lead. If they’re not there, do something.

This 2nd principle from the book It’s Not About the Coffee, by former Starbucks President, Howard Behar is right on the money. It goes to know your purpose, know your passion and what values are supported by what you do. When you know those key areas for yourself, no matter what phase in life you currently are, you will know your own success.

In my years working within and for companies both for-profit and non-profit, for myself and for others, I have seen people come and go for purposes to build their resume - only. This breeds the wrong kind of culture and it can be detrimental to an organization. Now, that being said, I do believe that you are in positions in life for a season, they are ‘stepping stones’ to take you toward your true calling or bigger opportunity. However, while you are in those positions, it is important (and Mr. Behar points this out in his book) that you understand and know your ‘fit’ in the role you were hired for. Also that you align with the leadership vision and values – if you cannot then you are not doing anyone any favors by being there; least of all yourself.

That plays to the important knowing that you work toward the goal that most aligns with your purpose and your passion. That is also true for the people that are on your team. If you find yourself leading people who are not there to share in the journey for the collective ‘win’ then by all means, invite them into another opportunity.

Recently I had the pleasure to hear a part of a conversation at a leadership renewal within an organization of which I am affiliated. The conversation was between the ‘leader and a team lead’ and the question was posed around holding others accountable. How do you hold people who are volunteering accountable to what they said they would do – what do you do when they repeatedly don’t do what they committed to doing? Well the answer was a good one – always try to find out what is getting in their way to following through with their word and let them know the position they put others in by not doing what they said. My addition would be – give them a Vision/Values check on why they are there with you. You may find that they don’t agree with the vision and their values don’t align with yours. When and if you find that to be true, it is important to know that the likelihood of you bringing them along is pretty slim. The best strategy is to help them into an opportunity that fits (the hat they are wearing) with where they see themselves going. That is the right thing for you and for them, for your company/team and for their resume.

As Mr. Behar puts it, “when you are in a hole, stop digging” – here’s a key to this, we have to know as business owners and leaders what our purpose is and what hat we are wearing for this to work. It is that knowing beyond all knowing that will never fail you and it is imperative for growing strong businesses and teams. You may grow in company, older in years and your hat shouldn’t change UNLESS the vision has changed. The proverbial Hat is your purpose, your position may change within the company but the passion that drives you to make a difference is solid. It’s the ability to answer the question – Why am I here? What motivates you and your people?

Making sure that the answers above align with your core beliefs and values will keep you moving forward and will build nothing but health and wealth for your life and resume.

This is Tammy Redmon your Coach for Transformation with another strategy for success in life, business and beyond. Make it a great day!

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